Geoff Belshaw.................

Welcome to the world of Geoffs art, not your ordinary everyday acrylics.

A good painting to me,
is like a good friend.
It keeps you company,
comforts and inspires.

Most works can be seen privately or at the Milk Factoy Gallery in Bowral...33 Station Street

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Debby Waters runs a great Art School for adults and Kids, in Newport.
Geoff occasionally runs an Airbrush class.

Airbrush masking process

  • ferrari 1
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Airbrush feature


   When the job looks right, there is nothing more satisfying than lifting that mask, ...nothing more devastating when its wrong!


   But that is the thrill of airbrushing, its like chess, you have to think way ahead to get the right results.

   There is something about the smoothness of perfect graduated tones, like flawless skin on a body.


   This feature was a consignment for the Qld. Ferrari and Maserati Ball and sold at auction.


   It took several weeks and was quite large at 1.5m wide. Done on canvas, it had to be stretched over particle board for support, then placed on a wooden stretcher when finished. To achieve the rich Ferrari red I used three reds plus a black and white to shade, this gave it that rich red Ferrari look.